Using Cognitive Hacks for eLearning

I remember the first time I heard someone speaking a language other than English. I was eight years old. My family and I were visiting Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza, and we had stopped by the Classic Cup Café to have a refreshment. As we sat together on the patio, […]

Engaging with an Unreceptive (or Hostile) Audience

CAVEAT: This is geared less toward sales and more toward partnerships. Often, we are required to develop partnerships with organizations and people who are less than receptive to our message. Even if we are passionate about what we are doing, we sometimes are unable to convince people to partner with us. […]

A Simple But Powerful Tool: Thank You Cards

Within the past month, we have been interviewing applicants for a senior recruiter position. As part of human resources, I have panel interviewed applicants. Earlier this week, we came to a decision. The decision was between two very qualified individuals. Both had great skillsets, interviewed well, and would fit the […]

Cultural Competency Defined

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of facilitating a group on the topic of cultural competency. The group of about 50 people were completing the training in order to be qualified to volunteer at Kansas City, Missouri-area elementary schools. This training was developed to provide people with the opportunity to […]