Using CIA Tradecraft in the Real World

Imagine a daunting assignment: You need to create an employee development training course on problem-solving skills. Sounds easy, right? It should be easy. After all, you have been solving problems your entire life. Maybe you have a Masters of Business Administration and excel at managing employees. Maybe you have made […]

Tweet this: Extremists continue utilizing social media

The Parkland, Florida, high school shooting yesterday once again underscores the continual need to prevent these incidents.  Prevention strategies tend to follow along the same path of hardening these soft targets: Metal detectors or increased/more visible security measures.  The main counterbalance to these strategies is, of course, money. While news […]

Analysis in the Intelligence Community

The declassified Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 203 outlines the Directorate of National Intelligence’s desires for an analytically sound workforce. When I worked as an intelligence community (IC) analyst, I wore a laminate with the following analytic standards outlined: Objectivity Independent of political considerations Timeliness Based on all available sources of […]